Dear Etsy shop owner, make no mistake about it ...

Etsy Shop Traffic = Money!

An Etsy shop does not generate income on its own. I don´t mean to insult your intelligence but the sooner you wake up and realize that a shop without traffic is a liability, the sooner you start taking the right action!

Aren´t you frustrated with paying renewal fees and having no sales?

Or are you still hoping that one day you will refresh your inbox (for the 20th time in a single day) hoping to see your first sales notification ...

Etsy Shop Traffic Yet ?

There´s only so many times you can say the word ´soon´ and it´s going to end with embarrassment and ridicule.

I don´t want this to happen to you.

It has happened to me... I still shiver when I think about those difficult times as though it was yesterday.

I was stark raving mad at that point in time.

Frustrated with my failures, I embarked on a solo journey to uncover the missing piece of the Internet marketing puzzle.

The name of the game is traffic.

Web traffic is the life blood of ANY Internet business. Simply put ...

Etsy SEO

Having eyeballs on your shop is the name of the game.

"But what kind of traffic?" You ask?

Sure you might have heard about tedious traffic generating systems out there ... believe me, I have tried them all. That´s NOT the solution.

You need Targeted Traffic!

Etsy SEO with MyShopSEO

Our MyShopSEO tools will help you determine exactly which keywords to target, and how to optimize your listings for them. MyShopSEO will analyze your current shop, and generate reports based on your real shop data. It will show you who your close competitors are, which keywords they are targeting and how you can beat them.

In other words: Analyze, Optimize and Dominate !

And you know what the best part is ?

Etsy Shop Traffic immediatelly!

But that´s not all! Creating a successful shop is more than optimizing the titles and descriptions of your listings. That´s why we´ve included research tools, tutorials, ebooks, infographics and step-by-step video courses about everything you need to know to take your shop to the next level.

MyShopSEO membership normally costs $19,95 per month. But for a very limited time, we´re offering unlimited fulltime access for a one time payment of only $27.

If you´ve ever wondered what else you can do to massively skyrocket your online income, this is what you´ve been looking for. With MyShopSEO, you´ll level the playing field and put yourself in a great position to compete with the big shops ...

You own it to yourself to make things happen!

We´re completely confident that you´ll be satisfied with MyShopSEO.

However, if you´re not satisfied with your membership for any reason whatsoever, you can contact us anytime within 30 days and we´ll refund your payment.

It´s really that simple, because we want to make this a no-brainer for you and take away all the risk.

So essentially, you have a 30-day "trial" to see for yourself the quality of the information we reveal in the member area. It´s completely risk-free for you and you have nothing to lose, so order now...

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What our MyShopSEO users are saying

LookSugar avatar
" OMG! I´ve just revised my listings and most of them are now on the front page for my keywords!

What was I doing before!! A million thanks! ... "
SewMuchDetail avatar
" This is helping me so much ! The keyword list is the bomb though. I was soooooooooo not using the right terms ... "
StudioCherie avatar
" If you´re starting to build a shop, it´s definitely a very helpful start. SEO can be intimidating, but with MyShopSEO you can at least see what your competition is doing and learn from them ... "
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" An absolute treasure of a find and an Etsy must have. Highly and whole-heartedly recommended. Thank you! "
BeadsbyEvelyn avatar
"MyShopSEO is really an invaluable tool. It analyzes every aspect of your shop and gives you suggestions for improving. Detailed to the very last words ... "
JudyRenoJewelry avatar
" Great useful tool and very inexpensive. Thanksssss! "

Free Bonus Downloads !

    In the MyShopSEO member area, you will also have instant download access to a collection of the very best Ebooks about Online Marketing and Dominating the Social Media:

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Included: our Professional Linkbuilding Service

    Yes, you read that right! Our Professional Linkbuilding Service(normally $25) is included in your MyShopSEO membership.
We will build hundreds of links to your shop and listings, which will result in an enormous boost of your shop´s rankings!


Etsy SEO Tools, Tutorials, Video Tutorials, Infographics ... It´s all there !

Analyze Competition

Analyze Competition on Etsy

Research Keywords

Research Etsy Keywords

Watch Videos

Watch Tutorial Videos

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Our Guarantee

We know you will be stunned by the results, but ...

Our Guarantee

If you aren´t completely satisfied within 30 days, cancel at any time, and you will get a full refund.



Kimberly Scott and Yenbo

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